Hi. I’m John.

I'll help you save your relationship.

Learn to communicate, understand each other, solve your issues, come up with workable agreements, bond, and create a happy and fulfilling life together.

Watch a case study.

Curious about working with me?



This married couple was referred to me after going to counselling where “nothing really progressed”. They were avoiding conversations “like the plague”, and thought their relationship was headed for “divorce, definitely”.

What changed?

We "got control of our life and relationship."

We got to a place where "we may not always agree on the issue, but we can understand each other's feelings, wants, needs, all of that."

We have "meaningful conversations with each other that make us want to talk to each other."

And much more in the 12 minute video.



We could be a fit if, even if you feel hopeless, you both still wish for this relationship to work, you’ve decided to invest in saving your relationship, and are looking for the right person to help you develop the skills you need.


Build empathy, and deeply understand, see, and know each other.

Resolve Issues

Replace arguments with validating, healing, and productive talks.

Agreements & Vision

Create relationship enhancing plans that meet both your needs.

Bond & Connect

Become a bonded, loving team that keeps getting better.

Rooted in Compassionate Communication and Relationship Coaching, I help couples like you learn, practice, and adopt these and other couple skills that are critical to living in harmony. I want you to be quickly become empowered to connect, function like a team, and confidently make your relationship thrive on your own.

Here's what we'll do:

Together, we'll come up with a plan to save your relationship and to have a thriving relationship.

Get coached to envision the life you want, create strategies, set goals, and take action to get there.

Get coached to learn the couple skills you need, integrate them, and put them into action.

Get guided as you practice skills, starting easy, so you confidently and quickly build skills together.

You can practice with workbooks and kits, which you can print and work with when not in sessions.

We can also prep for more difficult conversations together, and I can mediate those discussions.

Phases of our work:

1. In Crisis
Longer sessions to work through things, practice getting out of crisis, and to jumpstart change.

2. Functioning
Hourly private or group sessions with coaching, practicing skills, making agreements and action plans.

3. Thriving
You've got this. Let's meet monthly to keep things on track, and/or meet as needed.

As your relationship gets better, our session plan will typically shift to meet your evolving needs.

My guarantee: 

If either of us realizes it’s not the right match after the first paid session or two, I’ll click the refund button, and those sessions will be free.

Curious about working with me?


Certified Relationship Coach

I am a Certified Relationship Coach, Radical Marriage Coach, Conscious Dating Coach, and International Coaching Federation member.

Compassionate Conflict Mediation

Years of specialized conflict mediation training to help people understand each other, connect, and find ways to meet each other’s deep needs.

NVC Trainer Candidate

I am a candidate to be a Certified Nonviolent Communication (NVC) trainer and am being mentored to train conflict mediators.

And, We’ll Have Fun!

What you’re embarking on is something that is usually enjoyable and full of celebrations as you see results! We’ll have a good time.


A handful of active one-on-one clients:

You get more personalized attention because I focus on just a few couples at a time. 

Knowing you better, helps me support you.

We can have longer sessions when we need to.

We can meet more often when needed.

I have flexibility meeting within your schedules.

We can continue meeting once your thriving.

I can work on the nonprofit side of helping you.

Meet from your place:

I work online, so all sessions are done on video calls. You can book sessions on a schedule, change them weekly, or just book as needed. Whatever serves you best.

What will it cost?

The first session is a 30-minute free chat to see if we might be right for each other. Then, you can pre-purchase sessions one at a time, or you can pre-purchase more sessions at a discount.

One-on-one coaching:

First session: Free (30 min.) You can book that now.

One session: $165 CAD

Four sessions: $600 CAD ($150/session)

Twelve sessions: $1,600 CAD ($133/session)

If one-on-one coaching is not accessible, I will also soon offer discounted group coaching with groups of 7-10 couples, and weekly by-donation workshops through my nonprofit.

Is there a financial contract?

No. I don’t like it when I need to commit to paying someone for months. Instead, I will support you as needed. If you find the first two sessions valuable, you can buy and book more, and you can stop booking without notice.

What’s the guarantee?

I only want you to give me money because you are getting the value and change you want, you want to work with me, and you want to show your appreciation.

The first session is 30 minutes for free. The next two sessions have a full money-back guarantee. If either of us thinks it’s not quite a fit after one or both of those sessions, all your money is refunded.

After those sessions, you can pre-pay for more sessions. If you need or want the money back for any reason, I’ll refund the unused portion. (So, if you pre-pay for 12 sessions, use 3, and want your money back, I’ll refund the 9 unused sessions.)

Curious about working with me?


“The most valuable thing I learned was being aware of my defensiveness – in the past I would instinctively react with anger and hurt. I would try to justify my position and defend my actions. I learned and practiced to listen and try to hear how the event had impacted my wife... when I can do it, it’s magic!”

Chris S.


"John gracefully facilitated a dialogue between us, making resolving the conflict feel effortless, helping us identify opportunities to express gratitude and make requests. My frustrations were processed, and I was back to getting along nicely with my friend. With John, I can trust that I’m in good hands."

Dan R.


 "I was avoiding having conversations with Karen about anything. Now I'm just not afraid to talk to Karen about things anymore. We have more meaningful conversations with each other, that make us want to talk to each other. Thank you. I really do appreciate it. I do. I really appreciate it. "

Gary D.


"We tried counselling. We tried reading books. You were very empathetic and gave us lots of good tools... to talk to each other and how to actually listen. You are really skilled at coaching people to be their best selves and to help the relationship. You really can make a difference."

Karen L.


"Without you, I could have lost a long-time dear friend of mine. You're like an investigator who is really comfortable getting to the heart of the matter, and through that confidence and holding that space of possibility, it diffuses and calms the tension. We feel like we can get through this."

Eily A.

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